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Fees and Cost Estimator

You may think that a centre that has great infrastructure will charge you heavily for treatment. You are in for a pleasant surprise! At ProSmiles, we are quite old-school when it comes to our profession. We still think that the dental profession is an honourable, noble calling. That’s why you are going to smile a whole lot more once you realise that you will be getting a world-class international experience at prices that are closer to our Indian hearts. Sure, we want to run a viable practice so that we can keep offering you the best, but we are not into getting rich quickly at your expense. Our charges are completely transparent and value for money.

Given below are the treatment charges for commonly performed procedures at ProSmiles. The cost of certain procedures may vary depending on the complexity of a given case and the need for consultants, special treatment procedures or prosthetics.

All major Debit and Credit cards accepted 0% EMI schemes available from Bajaj Finserv (Minimal processing charges will apply) Rates are subject to change at any time

Consultation Rs. 300

Which includes:
  • Registration and opening of a new case file.
  • Case history.
  • Complete intra-oral examination.
  • Pictures of problem areas taken with an intra-oral camera.
  • Scientific treatment planning.
  • One digital X-ray.

Digital X-rays Rs. 200 each

  • After the initial free X-ray.

Scaling / Polishing Rs. 750 per sitting

Light cured glass inomer cement (GIC) filling Rs. 650

  • White colour but tooth colour match not possible.

Light cured Composite filling Anterior Rs. 1,350

  • Tooth colour matched.

Light cured Composite filling Posterior Rs. 950

  • Tooth colour matched.

Pulp capping with light cured GIC filling posterior Rs. 950.

  • For cavities very close to the pulp; used to initiate calcification over the pulp and prevent RCT.

Pulp capping with light cured composite filling posterior Rs. 1,250.

Pulp capping with light cured composite filling anterior Rs. 1,650.

Root Canal Treatment Rs. 2,450

  • Cases requiring a specialist Rs. 3500.

Post and core Rs. 1,850 (Fiber post) Rs. 1,250 (Metal post)

Re- RCT Rs. 5,750.

  • Cases where a tooth with previous root canal treatment has developed infection.

Metal-ceramic crown Rs. 4,990 (5yrs warranty)

  • Metal substructure covered by porcelain.

Metal-ceramic crown (Tilite) Rs. 5,950 (7yrs warranty)

  • CAD-CAM metal substructure covered by porcelain.

Zirconia crown (Standard) Rs. 7,190 (5yrs warranty)

  • Zirconia substructure layered with porcelain.

Zirconia crown (Bruxzir) Rs. 7,820 (15yrs warranty)

  • Monolithic zirconia for high impact areas and patients who grind their teeth.

Zirconia crown (Ultra-T) Rs. 7,820 (15yrs warranty)

  • Ultra translucent CAD CAM milled zirconia substructure layered with porcelain.

Zirconia crown (Precise) (CAD-CAM) Rs.8,925

  • CAD CAM milled full zirconia crown.

Lithium disilicate crown (Emax) Rs.9,975 (5yrs warranty)

  • Highly aesthetic full porcelain crown. Looks like a natural tooth.

Porcelain laminate / Veneer (Emax) Rs. 8,950

  • Highly aesthetic veneer to correct problems with your smile. What beauty queens / actors use to flash their heart winning smiles. Of course, at a very cost effective price.

Thineers/ No-prep Veneers (Emax) Rs. 9,450

Composite veneer Rs. 2,300

Implant with Crown - Starting at Rs. 19,000 (Lifetime warranty on Implant)

Direct sinus lift Rs. 9,975

Complete dentures (Removable)

  • Lucitone denture with Acry-Rock teeth set Rs. 16,990 (5 visits, 10-12 days)
  • Lucitone denture with Ivoclar teeth set Rs. 25,990 (5 visits, 10-12 days)
  • Any of the above dentures in 3-4 days Rs. 9,950 additional.

Implant Supported Mandibular Complete Denture - Price on request (2 implants) (Removable)

  • Overdenture supported by two implants. Increases denture stability.

Implant Supported Maxillary Complete Denture - Price on request (4 implants) (Removable)

  • Overdenture supported by four implants. Best possible denture stability.

Implant Supported Full-Arch Fixed Prosthesis – Price on request

  • Permanently fixed full arch restoration supported by 4-6 implants.

Acrylic RPD Rs. 800 per tooth

Removable Partial Denture Rs. 19,990 per arch

  • Cast partial denture with any number of artificial teeth.

Metal Braces (non-extraction case) Rs. 25,000.

Metal Braces (extraction case) Rs. 35,000

Ceramic Braces Rs. 45,000 – 50,000

Lingual Braces (Invisible from the front) Rs. 80,000 – Rs. 90,000

Clear Aligners (to be worn 18 hours a day, virtually invisible) Rs. 1,10,000 – 1,25,000

Tooth extraction with standard plastic syringe anaesthesia Rs. 450

Tooth extraction with cartridge syringe anaesthesia Rs. 500

  • Very fine needle with minimum pain of injection.

Root piece extraction Rs. 675 / Rs. 725 (plastic / cartridge syringe)

Surgical extraction Rs. 1,500

Wisdom tooth extraction (non-surgical) Rs. 2,600 / Rs. 2,650 (plastic / cartridge syringe)

Wisdom tooth extraction (surgical) Rs. 4,725 / 4,775 (plastic / cartridge syringe)

Socket preservation grafting Rs. 775 (plus extraction charges and cost of bone graft)

Laser teeth whitening Rs. 11,500

Laser gum depigmentation Rs. 1,975

Laser pocket treatment Rs. 1,975

Laser gingivectomy Rs. 1,975

Laser excision Rs. 975

Laser aphthous ulcer treatment Rs. 925

Crown lengthening Rs. 1,975

Gingivectomy (scalpel) Rs. 1,475

Pocket treatment (scalpel) Rs. 1,475

Soft tissue grafting Rs. 3,975

Night guard / Bite guard Rs. 1,950